It’s oh so quiet…

G’day, hej, ‘sup bro?

Happy Sunday. Up and at ’em by 09.36 – I don’t think this has happened on a personal level since 1996.

Once upon a time, I worked as an upper secondary high school English teacher (a job which I definitely should have not had, due to lack of, erm, a teaching degree). A happy accident which materialised now and then was the odd snippet of profundity coming from my class of gloriously vaccuous young adults. One sweetheart wrote an essay for me where she described “that special time in the morning when no one else is awake, where you can be your uncensored self”.

You always hear about writers having bursts of productivity late into the night. Perhaps it’s the dwindling Scandinavian light at this time of the year, but my ‘scribe clock’ goes off far too early to produce a well-balanced mindset for the day ahead. Or maybe it has something to do with day jobs where you’re surrounded by people, and then living with a partner – where do you substitute the buzz for concentrated periods of writing/blogging/composing? Having said that, I’m banging on about solitude while blasting my Beats By Dre – which begs another question…

Noise. One of life’s greatest pleasures is commuting with music. But how many inspirational moments (READ: eavesdropping opportunities) does one miss by being constantly tuned out? I suppose that’s a nostalgic starting point; once upon a time, the 6am sun filtered through the glass, sending Michael into his morning reverie. He smiled enigmatically through closed eyes, contemplating last night’s farewe –

“OH. EM. GEE. Have you seen that new nail bar? I was in the middle of grocery shopping but I was like, “Honey, take the kids right now, I’m gonna get me a gel mani…”

And just like that, Michael gave up his introspective reflection on human relationships, took out his 4S, slapped in his earbuds and took comfort in the high decibel stylings of Rammstein.


One thought on “It’s oh so quiet…

  1. I also had a job for a while as a teacher – despite not being a teacher… What’s up with that??! lol And I did a better job than half the teachers too!

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