For the record

There are some who are experts at living in the moment and stopping to smell the flowers/roses/cherry blossoms. For constant collectors like yours truly, it’s easier said than done. And by ‘collector’, I probably mean ‘hoarder’. The neatly ordered viking with whom I share a home refers to it as some sort of family ‘condition’ […]

Rat in a cage

Is the world a vampire? It’s full of them, pop culturally, which personally, I quite like. Now dear reader, if you’re a die-hard Pumpkins fan, you might like to tune out now, or refer to Song Meanings‘┬ábank of interpretations from far more learned friends. Following my consumption of a number of fermented beverages this evening, […]

Frequent coarse language*

*Not joking I love Lieutenant Debra Morgan. She gets things done, she grapples with love, she catches killers, she agonises over miscarriages of justice. And she does it all with a horribly foul potty mouth. As you’re no doubt aware, the sister of Michael C Hall’s moonlighting murderer, Dexter, is portrayed by actress Jennifer Carpenter. […]